Creating Clickable Links


You wanted someone to show you how to create links in blog posts well here it is.

I decided to start with inserting links into comments as that is the ‘purest’ way of doing it. What I mean is you type everything yourself and don’t have to rely on clicking a button.

Links are created using a HTML tag. In this case the ‘a tag’ The most inportant thing to remember is that everything has to be in pairs.

So I start off by typing the brackets <><>

Then you add the tags <a></a> the / tells your browser that your closing the tag and anything after that is just plain text.

Now add <a href=””></a> the href stands for HyperLink Reference and note the double quotes.

Now go to the site you want to link to and copy the url out of the address bar and paste it in between the “” double quotes to look like this.
<a href=””></a&gt;

Now you’ve made your link all you need is something to click on which you add between the 2 sets of brackets.

<a href=””>The Love Quote</a>

Bingo! you’ve created a clickable link!


Now I will explain the method to create a clickable link using either the WordPress or Blogger post editors

Type your post as normal using the visual option of your editor not the ‘code’ or ‘edit-html’ option.
When you’ve finished and want to add a link goto the text you want to make into a link for example.

“I Really think you should visit Kimba’s blog it’s a great read”

Now highlight the words you want clickable in this case I’m going to use the words “Kimba’s blog”

Once you’ve highlighted your word or words click the horizontal 8 button on the editor toolbar and a popup will appear.

Now write or paste your URI into this popup box and click ok

Now the words you highlighted earlier will be clickable and you’ve mastered the art of creating clickable links.

18 thoughts on “Creating Clickable Links

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I have been struggling with creating clickable links forever and no one ever explains it right like you.

    Everyone makes it so complicated and un-do-able for newbies like me! You have been a great help i think ive got this down and i might even be able to explain it!

    Thanks again,

  2. Becker

    Jamboree my source is the best source ever experience. I’m self taught in HTML coding and CSS and back in the 90’s had my own website all written in Windows Notepad.

  3. NathanielOffer

    Thanks for that Joe! When I wrote this way back when the rel=”no follow” wasn’t in use. Just checking the two links in your comment the one to my blog works fine but the one to the other blog on the blogger site gave a page not found error & I had to manually load the site.

  4. Was searching for how to make a clickable link and stumbled across your site. Thanks so much for the informative instructions! I don’t know to much about these sort of things,but with informative instructions like yours it makes it easy for me to acomplish my task! Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  5. That only works if you are in the wp or the blogger editor. If you are at a wp blog reding the blog and you decide to make a comment with anchor text pointing back to your website, html linking syntax will not work.

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